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Thread: Can Not Think Of The Name :(

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    Default Can Not Think Of The Name :(


    Need a little help, im trying to think of this tune which i want in my film im making for a family member for there birthday but can not think of the name, i search google and lyric sites but can not find it.

    "Oh baby baby, oh baby baby, oh baby baby, oh baby baby oh baby baby"

    and no i dont want the Salt N Peper version as that sucks and hate it, if anyone can help out that would be great.

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    [QUOTE=MK07 Productions;80533]
    "Oh baby baby, oh baby baby, oh baby baby, oh baby baby oh baby baby"

    LOL wow. You're messing with us, right?

    Or are you talking about the song from the movie where the guy likes the girl, and he gets her in the end, but not before a bunch of crazy stuff happens? Great flick.

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    Is it Abba?

    If you hear it get your moblie and dial 2580 and hold the phone to the speaker for 15 secs - you then get a text naming the tune - it sometimes work even when you sing the tune.

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    Default name that tune

    Can you hum it?

    How about Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders?

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    it doesn't matter how many times I repeat those words, I still keep hearing Salt 'n' Pepper (damn!).


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