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    Hello everybody. I have never edited a video before and decided to make a movie chronicling my cross country team's 07 season. There was one last year which was more of a documentary (it was 52 mins long!). It was very well done, but those guys had a lot of experience with editing. I had been in a few of their movies and helped film, but I never actually did anything with the editing.

    Before I go on, I will say that the camera work in this video is pretty... bad... I didn't have a tripod, only had one chance to take each shot (can't really redo a race), was sometimes a little too excited, and while I have filmed before, I still have limited experience.

    I used Vegas Movie Studio 8.0 and Audacity for the editing. I showed this to my team at our banquet and they loved it. Right now, I'm making DVD copies with the full movie, full footage from the races, and a humorous section.

    Like I said, I have no experience with the actual editing process. I only had 20 days to work on this, so I had to work quickly and spent about 2-3 hours everynight on average (some nights were like 6+, but others I only had time for like a half hour of editing).

    The movie is about 20 minutes long, encoded in WMV9 using Vegas. I kept the resolution to 320x240 to keep the file size small (it's 146mb). Please watch it and give me your critiques (except for camera issues, I already know about that)! Note: The text is a little harder to read in this version because of the resolution. It shows up fine on my widescreen DVD render though.
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