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Thread: Rendering to wmv

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    Default Rendering to wmv

    I’ve two computers, one a desktop where Vegas 6 runs fine with Windows XP, Professional and a Media player of 9.1.

    The other computer is a laptop also running Windows XP, Professional and a Media player of 11.1.

    On the laptop, Vegas, same copy as mentioned above, works fine except I can’t “Render” in Windows Media Video V9.

    Could someone tell me what my problem is and how to correct?

    Your suggestions, comments and questions are appreciated.

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    Guessing here - maybe you need to install the v9 codec seperately - probably not but that is all i can think of - have a gander at the m soft web site.

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    Mark, “Thanks” for the quick response and I thought the same also; went to the download center at MS, downloaded a 9.1, tried to install it, and the computer echoed back that it wouldn’t because I had a newer version of a player (11.1), so I’m kind stuck on that method of approaching the problem.

    Thanks again, and by the way “Happy New Year”!

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    Default Cold Case #11 Closed!

    Craziness, I re-downloaded the MS Media Player 11.0 (just out of frustration and lack of options), over the top of my existing 11.0 Player and it cured the problem.

    Cold Case #11 Closed!

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