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    I'm kinda new with Video editing softwares but i learn pretty fast and in this industry change happens all the time so one as to be on the look out all the time yeah? i was just wondering though which of the video editing softwares out there is on top right now? i use Adobe and prefer it to Pinnacle or Ulead, but i'd still like a hand in that area. which of the video editing softawares can really be described as most proffessional?

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    I think it is more important to find an editor that you like to work with - the creativity comes from you not the software.

    People argue endlessly about what is the 'best' editor, but really all thay are usually communicating is the one they prefer.

    All the full featured editors are amazing and capable.

    A good eitor will produce much better work on WMM than a poor editor using a full pro edit suite.


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