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    I dont know what its called but how do i do it so if i have a big sheet of light green cloth hung up behind me then i can change the light green cloth into like a picture on the video, which program will allow me to do this?

    Im currently using Sony Vegas for my video editing and would like to start testing some new stuff out like this.

    Thanks Guys !

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    Default YouTube & Chroma-Key

    You may want to give YouTube a look:

    YouTube - Chroma-Key Test

    which is fairly comprehensive and get you started off on the right foot.

    One idea you may want to consider; if you purchase cloth, try to buy muslin, don’t waste your time on the plastic stuff you can by on the net. Another idea that used and am happy with is I used green paint, so if you have a room with a wall that you don’t mind have green, give that a try.

    By the way when your on YouTube try searching for “Chroma-Key”

    Take Care & Good Luck
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