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    Maybe it’s because I’m not that imaginative, but the most difficult for me is not the authoring of script, composing a story boarding or the technical aspects of editing; instead it’s much simpler, “The Idea” of what I want to place on the net.

    I consider myself an amateur in cinematography, so I want to learn videoing techniques and develop a niche foray that I can specialize and excel in, which means discovering “ideas” and relating them to my own personal experiences in life.

    YouTube as given me a host of ideas, with the following being the most useful:

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    I’m always amazed in what Tubers are coming up with and the tools they’re implementing to get across their ideas across.

    Seriously, I’d like to know “what” or “how” subscribers of Digital Directory use to come up with an idea to make meaningful videos.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.
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    Here's one - A guy tryng to think up an idea for U-Tube!!


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    Grazie, (love your sense of humor) not a bad idea, but I love watching documentaries and I’d like to come up with something like this:

    YouTube - The Great Dust Storms - a Ken Burns style video

    But somewhat a bit more up to date with the times. The problem is copyright protection on things I’d like to do, or I just reside where nature is to boring.

    “Thanks” – Grazie

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    Hi TDA, there's agreat resource for copyright free footage here Internet Archive: Moving Image Archive

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    Shiner, I think I’m the “King of Downloads” from Internet Achieve, one of the best, if not the only source, to get great material, which is not copyrighted (expired). I’ve used many of the clips in numerous videos, and have always received sincere complements.

    What I’d like to do is a “complete” documentary on a coup or natural disaster, such as an earthquake or landslide (please understand I’m not a morbid individual) but in such a way as to show the effects such events have on a small middle class community of average, middle income families, and how these aforementioned communities adapt to changes forced upon them.

    I’m getting a bit to heavy, so “enough said”, but I do “Thank You” for suggesting Internet Achieve.

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    I think catastrophies have a bigger effect on people living below the poverty line, in shanty towns, living on the street etc than they do on "small middle class community of average, middle income families". These people can always bounce back and get on their feet a lot sooner than anyone else. Typical examples were hurricane Katriona and whenever an earthquake or flood hits India, who suffers the most there, the middle class or those forced to live beside the sea?

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    Nikosony, couldn’t agree with you more!

    Several years ago I was involved with a natural disaster in Southern Thailand; I carefully took the names and addresses of some of the people we helped from the lower income families, but when I returned to see how our aid was being used and to generally checkup on their overall welfare, I couldn’t find one family out of about thirty-five names.

    With this being said and hopefully received well, we need families that we can somewhat track in order to provide “success stories”, in order to receive additional aid; since everyone likes to see where and how their contributions or being used. Please understand most of our aid dose go to and is received by those who are in the greatest need, which usually are the lower income families.

    Nikosony, A sincere “Thanks” for your comment and concern.

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    Default The Idea

    Like yourself, I have never been able to dream up a single good idea on my own.

    Two years ago an idea literally fell out of the sky into my yard.

    An injured duck ended up in my garden and we spent the next couple of weeks nursing it back to health.

    I filmed every moment I could, and created a nice (though amateurish) production that went like this:

    - day one - we find injured duck and put it in chicken pen to rest up
    - day two - duck eating and drinking on his own (in chicken pen)
    - day five - duck able to walk out of barn for first time
    - day six - duck scraps with our german shepherd (and wins)
    - day seven - duck's mate shows up and both are walking around our property
    - day fourteen - ducks fly away (unfortunately not captured on film)
    - same day - egg found

    So the best bet is to "stay prepared".

    global warming home page

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