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Thread: Deleting the line that split in the crop effect

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    Default Deleting the line that split in the crop effect

    When I crop both clips I can easily see the vertical "line" that splits both clips, how do I delete or disimulate that "line"?

    It's Adobe Premiere Pro 7


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    I guess that I don't really understand the question very well. If you crop two clips and are showing them in a split screen type of effect then there will be a line. What are you thinking that they should look like?

    Maybe if you explain this with a little more detail it will be easier to understand what you are trying to accomplish

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    I mean, I want to clone myself right?, but when I crop both clips I can see the "vertical line" that divides both clips, I've seen that cloning in other videos and there's no line.

    I will show you 2 youtube videos made ONLY with premiere pro.


    on none of those videos you will see the "split line", how do you delete, reduce or use another technique for not displaying that?


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    If the scene is identical except for the actor's position, then there shouldn't be a line if you line up the clips perfectly. If you notice in those two examples the camera position and angle never changes, that is how they line it up perfectly so there is no line. That is also why I still don't really understand why you have a line in the first place.

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    Here is a link so you can see a picture of what I mean, you can see the vertical line.
    I used in clip 1 (video3) crop to the right say: 60% as for clip 2 (video 2), I cropped it to the left say: 40%.

    That's exactly 100% right? so why that line??? :(
    Please see the image.

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    Strange, shouldn't be there. How about trying one at either 61% or 41%

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    I tried that too and no effect. :(
    I use Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0
    What other thing could it be?

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    While I've never actually tried this, I have used Premiere quite a bit. A few ideas:

    1. Try moving the clips closer together by editing their position. If the two clips have been perfectly split (ie equalling 100% of the original size of the image) then there should be no discernable difference if you were to move the left clip a few pixels to the right, for instance. This can be done under the clip's motion property area, I believe, in the effects controls.

    2. If that doesn't work, or if moving the left clip to the right only moves the black bar further to the right, then that means that the black bar must somehow be part of the clipped area. I would then play around with moving the right clip to the left a few pixels, and I would also experiment with reversing the order in which the clips are placed on the tracks (ie, which clip overlaps the first)

    3. Finally, I'd attempt to create a feathered mask (which I believe premiere is capable of) in order to more gently blend the two clips together. Not sure if this is how the effect is accomplished or not, but it's worth a try.

    Hope this helps - and please let us know if you find a solution!

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