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Thread: fitting a dvd rw

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    Default fitting a dvd rw

    I have a new samsung dvd rw and on the rear of the drive there are 4 cable ports
    number 1 is a digital cable
    number 2 is a audio cable
    mumber 3 is a E-IDE cable
    number 4 is the power cable
    with this dvdrw came 1 cable with 3 outputs

    first one goes to my motherboard second one goes to audio cable and the 3rd one does not fit anything yet in the user guide it says it goes to the digital cable but it cant because the digital port on the rear of the dvd rw has two pins where as the cable that came with the dvd /rw has 4 pins

    so my question is what cables do i plug in and which do i disregard ???

    many thanks for reading this even if you dont reply :(

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    The IDE cable (the thick one) and the molex power cable from the PSU. You don't need the audio cable in windows XP

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    Default re installing notes

    many thanks for that going to install it right now do you know of any good programs that will back up my dvds easy ones to use that my easy is stick it in press a button and it does the rest i do have a dvd reader installed as well as my dvd rw

    many thanks for reading it

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    Something like DVDshrink will do the trick.

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    If you can get your hands on DVDXCopy it'll do it quite easily, but they have stopped selling it....
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    The latest version of DVDShrink is gem.

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