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    Does anyone know if Sony's Media Manager (which is part of the Vegas install) can be used by Sony Movie Studio Platinum 8?

    I have about 50 DV tapes that I'm going to rip onto my new 750GB drive and I want something like Media Manager to catalog/tag it all. I'm just not sure if I want to use Vegas or Movie Studio.

    Also, any thoughts on other media manager applications that catalog content as Sony Media Manager does?



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    These are the 2 questions I'm running concurrently - do you have answers to them?

    Q1 - I wasn't aware you could RUN Sony's MM as a standalone - is it?

    Q2 - When I installed it for VP8 I needed to have installed a bunch of MS s/w and THEN install MM. So, how would you interface this with SMSP8 if you can't run the install sequence?


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    I have both VP8 and MSP8 installed. I'm not sure which I want to use. I don't know if MM can be run separately. That is what I was asking about.

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    I don't think MM can be run as a separate application. It doesn't integrate as such with Movie Studio, but there's no reason you can't use it.
    For example, I've built up quite a collection of Acid loops over the last couple of years, all from the free 8 packs from
    When I've downloaded a bunch, I open up VP8 and MM, drop the new loops in and tag them.

    When I want to use MM with Acid XMC (included with my with VMS6 but DOESN'T include MM) I open up VP8, MM and Acid XMC, use MM to search for loops then drag and drop onto Acid.
    Not quite as neat as being integrated, but it works fine.
    I'd imagine the same method would work with VP8, MM & VMS8.

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