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    Hi all......I recently purchased a Hitachi DZ-MV4000E DVD Cam..I am currently using dvd-rw's, as I was planning to transfer all dvds I record onto my hard drive..not as easy as I thought,lol....I did not receive any software with Cam,can anyone out there advise me on what I need to transfer my home dvds onto my hard drive,is there nothing in Windows Media player that will allow this? I am currently using Windows Vista Premium,thnx in advance for any advice

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    Doing a quick look-up of this camcorder looks like only output via cables is composite. Apparently this is an analog quality camcorder so you could buy an inexpensive adapter that will plug into your pc and also will accept composite analog video/audio cables from your camcorder. The adapter should come with necessary software for video transfer/capture to your hard drive.

    I'm sorry. I must not be understanding your question. You should be able to put your camcorder's little disc into the dvd drive in your PC running Vista and just:
    Click Start
    Click Computer
    Click on the dvd drive
    Right click and select explore
    click/highlight the file you want to transfer
    select "copy"
    then "paste" that file into whatever folder you have created for your video transfer. OR I would think you could drag-and-drop to your hard drive folder and copy the video that way.

    What is the file extension on the camcorder disc? Transfering from your disc to hard drive in vista should be simple as above.

    Beyond that and I am just personally prejudiced while we have two laptops running Vista I would never think of doing any file editing using one of them preferring my legacy software that runs on XP but has problems with Vista.

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    Also remember to Finalize your mini dvd disc in the camcorder as the DVD drive on your computer may not 'see' any files on it without it being finalized first. I agree with imjay about holding onto WinXP as it is too early to let it go before seeing what updates and services packs are coming out for Vista. Hardware just runs so much better on WinXP than Vista currently, whether it's printers, scanners, camcorders, external hard drives, modems... the list just goes on. I went to the trouble of setting up a dual boot computer with both OS's on it.

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    There are always so many steps to remember so easy to forget.

    Yes, you probably will have to finalize the little disc to successfully transfer the files to your hard drive - sorry I didn't think of it.

    Here is where I get a bit weak so I might need correction - you will be dealing with .vob files on a finalized dvd disc ( a "perversion" of mpeg2 necessary for standard play for a dvd).

    For editing and ease of other manipulation of your images you will need to do what some call ripping or transcoding the .vob to mpeg2.

    Some editing software - like ULead Video Studio 10Plus - will do this for you and there are many free utilities available online that will also do this - I use something called mediacoder - others will have other recommendations and all available by a google search.

    All of the above is why I just don't like camcorders that write to a disc. They were probably conceived as a simple single step way for simple folk to shoot their home movies and already have them on a dvd formatted disc.

    If/When you bite the bullet to upgrade to a better home movie quality consider miniDV (small tape-works great) or the emerging newer styles that have an internal harddrive of their own. (I'm an older guy and like miniDV and I like tape but even I am already looking toward true HD quality for home movie recording).

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