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Thread: Backyard Jets Episode 2

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    Smile Backyard Jets Episode 2

    Here is something a little different, its all about people who play with jet engines for fun.. This video is spliced together footage from video shot over the past 5 years, and a old project attached to the end of the video shot in 2003.

    My question to you is does it all make sence, remember its part two of three part series.

    Any comments would be great.

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    Yes it does amke sense.
    Great subject for a video, I have often sen thses on the tube and have always wanted to know more.

    I would have liked to hear from the poeple who made those jets and some stuff on how a jet workes may have been interesting.

    Also - maybe the big jet should come last? Big finish?

    Was the narrator you? The vo was bit flat.

    Maybe the edit could have been given a bit nore jazzy / dynamic to suit the subject.

    Sorry if that sounds harsh - I did like the idea but I wonder if the ttreatment was a bit sober and distant.

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    Neat but more aimed at Tech."O"Freeks like myself. I enjoyed watching and hearing the Tech. stuff but many not being into this would be bored. I would enjoy seeing them do some detailed repair on and engine. Anyway it was a good video. Glad I was not close as anything could have happened. Cheers Lads A+ for the quality efforts.

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