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Thread: narration and background sound cutted clip

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    Question narration and background sound in cut clip

    Hey guys!

    I was planning to make a youtube clip and I had a couple of scenes that I wanted to cut from a movie. I cut them using AVI splitter. When I play the cut clips in WMP or VLC player only the background music and sounds are heard (just like I wanted!), but when I add them to movie maker, the narrator is heard.

    How can I remove the narrator's voice???
    It will be sooo perfect without the narrator's sound!
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    you carnt, the only thing to do is get Nero WaveEditor press Record and put it as Stereo Mix and hit record, then play the file in VLC once its finished stop the recording and there you go

    but remember to put other applications as BUSY like MSN or if someone signs in or sends you a message etc... you will get that sound in there aswell which you dont want.


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