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    i downloaded a 30 day trial of ulead video studio 11.after the installation in xpsp2, i fail to run the program getting an error message "The ordinal 17 could not be located in the dynamic link library mpgvout.dll" why it happens? in addition,there is no problem when i installed it on win server 2003 standerd edition. "special thanks to all replies in advance".

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    This is only a guess but it seems you are missing a dll, do a search on Google for mpgvout.dll and try and download it. Where it's installed on the system I don't know. I've never heard of an 'ordinal 17', again you could do a search on Google for it to see if it throws up any explanation.

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    I've had a lot of success with Video Studio running versions 6, 9 and 10plus but haven't had a need to look at version 11. All three versions run perfectly on XP even version 6 that was written years ago.

    ULead trial versions usually work okay. Have you tried a second download to be sure that something wasn't corrupted during your first download attempt?

    Only OS I have problems getting Video Studio to load onto is, naturally, Vista. Sometimes I get suspicious that Mr. Gates/Microsoft would prefer we use his branded programs instead of the always better ones from other makers.

    See if you can register at and then you can access the FAQs and the forums - I've enjoyed their forums and have had many questions answered there.
    GoodLuck- ULead is good stuff!
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