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    Feeling really, really silly. But I've looked everywhere and have not found the answer. For Sony Vegas 4.

    I was using the event pan/crop window and needed to move it out of the way. Suddenly it popped into the media bin/generator area...not completely -- there is no tab for it. But it's stuck in there and I can get the bleepin' thing out of there!! And the image is too small in that space.

    I now know how to get the event pan/crop window into that area. Would somebody please tell me how to let it be free standing again -- i.e. to get it out.? Where is that blushing icon? Ah...there.


    Meanwhile, thank you for a SUPER forum!! This place is a godsend....Eventually I hope to get good enough to not only ask...but answer questions. I have found Sony Vegas 4 amazingly versatile...

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    1] Download the FREE V4 Manual. It is chock full of valuable info!

    2] Page 24: "Window Docking Area" - Grab n Drag the far left "Float" handle. This will "rip" it out of the Docked Pane and you can then do what you wish with it.

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