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    ok so i canceled my order for that crap camcorder i order from ebay, iv been doing some routing around and found some great deals from EmpireDirect and im stuck between the 2, can someone tell me which one is better to buy and they both look good, but the the Hitachi comes with some goodies.

    Sony DCRHC27 Camcorder Dv 20 X Opt Zoom 2.5" Lcd | Electrical Appliances Was: 199.99 !


    Hitachi DZGX3100E Camcorder Dvd 1.3mp 2.7" Lcd 16:9 Wide | Electrical Appliances Was: 399.99 !

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    My adive is go for the dv camera - tape gives better quality than dvd (higher bit rate) and the clips are much better for editing cos thay are less compressed.

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