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    Hi i own a sony mini dv camcorder and i watch the videos through the camcorder fine on the tv in full screen and the quality is fine. But as soon as i import them to my computer using windows movie maker (vista edition). They come up not even quarter of the screen in size and when i enlarge them they become pixelated.
    what can i do?? , how do i get better quality???, is this right??
    if i invest in adobe premiere or something ???? will it help??
    help and advice please??

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    Are you watching the video off the tape or is it off the memory card? How did you connect the camcorder to the computer, was it with USB or Firewire? You should only use Firewire.

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    Yes - firewire. - disclaimer - I have a personal dislike for Vista and Windows software like moviemaker.

    Okay - you should be able to access capture options and be sure the pc understands you want full miniDV quality which should be a LARGE .avi file format.

    We do have two laptops running Vista (God curse it) and both Toshiba pcs came bundled with ULead software so for miniDV video capture first you need a firewire pc port and then capture software settings for miniDV quality.

    Have you downloaded all latest Windows updates for Media Player and your Vista OS?

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