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Thread: Problem: Audio and video on DVD get out of sync after some time

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    Default Problem: Audio and video on DVD get out of sync after some time

    Hey there,

    (I'm German, but I hope my post will be understandable)

    I recently got a concert recording DVD (PAL/7.5Mbps VBR/224Kbps mp2) from a friend, who created this DVD by transferring the original Video8 master into his PC.

    Now when I first watched this DVD (which runs around 60 minutes), I noticed, that after around 30 minutes, audio seems to be a little to early. This got worse during the end of DVD, and on the last song, there's probably half a second discrepancy between audio and video. (This occurs on the PC using Power DVD or VLC aswell as on a standalone DVD player)

    Since I wanted to create a menu to this DVD (it has none), I loaded the files into DVD Lab Pro 2. To my surprise, in the little preview window, the delay between video and audio was totally gone for the complete DVD.
    But after doing a menu and compiling the DVD, it was there again =/

    I already did quite a lot research to find the reason for this error, but came to no real conclusion.

    It seems that the video stream causes this problem, because when I put the demuxed m2v file into Adobe Premiere Pro, the length shown is wrong (52: xx instead of 59: xx - the real length of the DVD)
    I can see start and end of the video in the preview though, so there seems to be the problem.

    Does anyone know a way to solve this error to get a DVD that has no synchronity problems?
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