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Thread: Analogue to Digital Convetor for helmet cam?

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    Default Analogue to Digital Convetor for helmet cam?

    I have the HDR-HC1E Camcorder which does not have an analogue input, only a DV input. According the manual it is capable of recording from devices such as a VCR, providing it has a digital output. However I've just bought a helmet cam mistakenly thinking it would connect up. The helmet cam requires to be plugged into an analogue input (AV-IN) on a camcorder.

    Without me having to go out an buy a new camcorder with AV-In, is there any kind of anlogue-digital convertor/bridge kind of thing I can fit between the helmet cam and my HDR-HC1E camcorder?


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    There are such devices (analogue to digital convertors), but I've never seen one that doesn't require power.

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    Luckily, providing power to an analog to digital video converter is easy.

    You might already have a 12v nimh cell pack or other power source for the helmet cam?

    Here is a 12v to 5v dc-dc converter that might power the ADVC55 too
    Digital portable hard disk video recorder

    And some more ideas here: 67&start=0
    See the following post:

    DV -in, Hooray!

    Posted: 2007-04-06 10:13:5

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