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Thread: I Desperately Need To....

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    Default I Desperately Need To....

    .........know how to take movies from Youtube and other sites and capture them in order to put them in Vegas.....??


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    So, you want to take someone elses video? Why not make your own videos?

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    Aslo i dont think flash video will go on the t line, so it would need transcoding - this will further trash the poor quality, which may take another small hit on redering - hardly seems worth the effort unless it is tip top footage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chapman Photography View Post
    So, you want to take someone elses video? Why not make your own videos?
    I sincerely hope these videos you’re planning to download are going to be for your own personal use only, if so, give this a view and consult your attorney!

    YouTube - Download YouTube videos easily

    I couldn’t agree more with the aforementioned quote.

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