I wanted to announce that Smidgits will grow a little bigger this New Year, and not because of all the holiday junk food we've been eating this last week. Nope! I mean, Smidgits has expended it's brand to a innovative website called imeem.com! This website has 19 millions users, and counting. It also gives us a chance to reach out to more viewers, and move a little closer to taking over the world. "Sorry... Pinky, and the Brain."

Check out our new channel at Smidgits Video Network on IMEEM. Be sure to laugh and enjoy... if not, throw a tomato at us!

Happy New Year and have a safe and warm Holiday!

Welcome to The Smidgits Video Network
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imeem.com is a social media network where users can upload their favorite music, photos and videos to their network, search for and stream full-length audio and videos on-demand, and easily find new content through social discovery features. The imeem community can express themselves with their favorite content by creating and sharing custom music and video playlists with friends and fans on imeem and on third-party sites across the Web. Since the launch of its Web-based service IMEEM - what's on your playlist? in March 2006, the community has attracted over 19 million unique users per month. To learn more, visit IMEEM - what's on your playlist?.