Hi all

Hope you had a great Christmas.

I desperately need help on this. I've been given some mini-DV tapes that have footage recorded on a Sony HVR Z1E. Although this is a 16:9 HD camera, the record settings had been reduced to SD and 4:3.

I have tried to capture the footage on my SD camera (Canon XM2 Pal) but am encountering lots of issues.

If captured through Premiere CS3:
1 - the footage seems to play at a slower framerate and
2 - the sound stutters
3 - there is more artifacting/pixelation thatn there should be

If captured through Windows Movie Maker (yes, i know it's crap although had to test it):
1 - approximately every second the video/audio speeds up for a split second

When played onto a PAL television or via the Canon camera:
1 - the footage plays slower
2 - there is no audio
3 - on the viewfinder on the camera, the words "stereo" and "16-bit" flash and normally are constant

Could the problem that the original camera was set to NTSC and not PAL (which is what I need) as the frame rates are different?

If you think that this is the issue, is there a way to convert the NTSC into PAL easily?

I would really appreciate your help as this is an urgent project.

Many thanks in advance