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    Decided to stick this little composition I made in After Effects on youtube and figured I'd put it on here. Made it to liven up the delivery of personal messages to the bride and groom at the party after a wedding I have recently finished editing. It didn't have the background I've given the one on Youtube, though - it had something else.

    Ah well, check it out, tis only little:

    YouTube - Personal Message Envelope Composition - Kyle Forrester

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    I personally try and stay well clear of these types of compositions, as it reminds me of something that used to be done in the '1980's! albeit with flowers and glasses etc.

    I have seen weddings where every other transition is like this and I almost feel physically sick.

    The main thing though is that the Bride and Groom like it. After all they are the ones paying!


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    I mostly did it because I wanted to see if it'd be easier using a real envelope or making one and animating it myself, really. I try and throw a few little bits like that into any project I do just as an excuse to get using AE and practise different things

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    I liked it, and I didn't think it was too much at all. Good work!

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    Thanks, just tried to give it a bit of a creative edge rather than just have them appear!

    Though I can see how it could come across as tacky to some - personal preferance, I guess! This was the only time I used an effect like this in the hour long video so I don't think it's overkill, as such.

    Anyone else?

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    Not overkill at all Kyle, I think a lot of couples will relish this

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    Not normally one for cheesy compositions, but I think this fits well and in context. If it was stuck in the middle of a video as a transition, it's a no go, but as a DVD extra, it's a great little addition.

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