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    Default STUDIO 9 Errors

    Just about at the end of my tether with PINNACLE, and hoping you may be able to help, I see that you too have experience of the wonderfull world of STUDIO software and basically how CR*P it is. Well I've recently bought a full version of STUDIO9 and after reformatting my hard drives and putting on a new "clean" install of windows 2000 and updating it to service pack 4 I installed the new capture card STUDIO AV/DV DELUXE and basically have the same problems as before it just stops totally at some point during rendering and I mean totally stops no mouse movement no button control the only option I have is to do a hard shutdown and re start.

    I have disabled background rendering / I have disabled hardware acceleration / I have upgraded to DirectX9b / I have installed the latest drivers for my graphics card / I have NO other software on the PC at all I run only windows and Studio / I have defragged the hard drive after install and between project ( attempts) / and re-installed a new version of Studio9 after using regdelete to clear old versions /I have put pinnacle on a separate hard drive to the operating system.

    Just wondering if you had any thoughts on the matter.

    Sorry for the rant but after finding out that the support line can keep you on hold up to 45 mins (me yesterday) and then charge you 4.00 PER CALL EVEN WHEN THEY DON'T resolve the problem I am FURIOUS

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    I had a problem with it crashing but believe that was to do with the generating of the disk content.

    In the end I did a save as of my project to a different name and deleted stuff until it worked. I found in my case it was the DVD menus I had created so in the end removed those and recreated them. Problem was solved in my case.

    I have also heard that if you have music that runs off the end of the movie you can get lockups and crashes.

    Generally I find Pinnacle to be a good piece of software but sometimes it get's it's knickers in a twist in the internals of your project and doesn't recover until you take the brute force approach with the delete key.

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    Default Ditto

    I am having the same problem. Just bought Studio 9, it renders ok but when it comes to actually saving the file on to cd disk it locks up.

    Also when I try and save the file as an mpeg (1 not 2) I get sound but no picture. Oh what to do......

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    Default Pinnacle Studio 9

    I have read with interest the comments about Studio 9 and it's problems. As I was about to buy Studio 9. Is this still a good idea?


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    Default Good and bad

    I think Studio is still a good buy. It's got so much in it for the money. I get crashes also and it can really p*** you off if you've lost your changes. I just keep saving the file.
    But in general the userfriendliness can't be beaten. I'm upgrading to Edition and worrying about the learning curve though!

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    Default Pinnacle

    Avid the standard in broadcast editing software has bought Pinnacle, it will be interesting to see if they support the full range of products or if the non broadcast range gets left out in the cold.

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    The rumour mill suggests it's Avids way into the home market. I've a feeling they won't want their reputation tarnished by Studio's problems and would hope they iron these "bugs" out.

    Could be they ditch the whole studio line and it's just a neat way of grabbing an instant share of the market. After all, there's already Avid Free!
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