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    Hi there. I encountered a strange problem with my Studio 11....I transport video from a JVC camera and capture the video via studio 11...for a minute or even less, it goes normal, then the sounds shuts off, and it speeds through the rest of the video, needless to say I can not edit like I usually do with this supersonic speed and mute-age. How do I fix it? Also, I captured video the same way and they are fine, no supersonic-ness to it. Thanks. And thanks to the people who responded to my previous sniper post, I found the mask.

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    How did you connect the camcorder to the computer? Did you change any of the settings in the capture section?

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    I'm pretty sure I did not, but just to cover all basis, what should the settings look like? Also, I connected it via fire-wire.


    Let me make my problem a bit more clear.

    ---I capture it via a fire-wire and that goes fine. But then I view the video I just captured in the edit tab and it goes fine for a few seconds, then the sound shuts off and the video speeds through the rest of the video....I put the entire video (as one file) onto the edit section and it seems that sound-line complies with the problem: there is no sound trough or peak after time X. I captured it via Windows movie maker and its fine...but Studio 11 is much better and stuff like that, so please help yo?

    Edit number 2
    --I should also mention that I am on a laptop, not on my desktop, could that be the culprit? I captured random segments of videos and it seems that no matter how short or long it goes off into this silent supersonic speed.
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