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    I'm trying to decide which video editing software to buy. I've seen a green screen tutorial on youtube using pinnacle studio ulimate 11 so thats what Im leaning towards right now. I've only heard of one other, vegas. I havent used either one of these because I have sat. internet so I cant download the trial versions.

    I mainly make home videos and would like to burn them to DVD with some cool effects, and want to improve the quality of my YouTube videos.

    Any suggestions for software would be appreciated. Like I said, Im leaning towards pinnacle studio ultimate 11. Is it a good user friendly program? Is it worth the $130?



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    I think most of the consumer editing software all does about the same thing and different folk will prefer Adobe, or Pinnacle or ULead among others.

    I prefer ULead Video Studio which supports insert editing with simple effects, transitions, titles and multiple audio tracks. Last time I checked it was available for under $100.

    Remember that most all video hardware like dvd drives come bundled with editing software. Different brands partner with different software makers so check with your friends to see if any of them have these free trial vesions - some of this free software is actually pretty feature rich. ULead, Pinnacle and Adobe all partner and provide Special Edition versions of their stuff for these bundles.

    Re the issue of YouTube quality our personal experience is that if we create 5 minutes of video with VCD or SVCD quality it will fit within the 100meg limit and give YouTube viewers pretty good picture quality at full screen setting.

    The more video you try to compress into the 100meg site limit the less quality your viewers will get no matter what program you use for editing.

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    Did you see this "sticky"

    It compares all the major software.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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