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Thread: my sony vegas video

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    Thumbs up my sony vegas video

    im new at vegas cuz i jus got it but yea tell me wat i shud look into on my next video nd tell me if u lyk this one

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    Mz8 b'coz fgt r8 but "on the other hand" u r gr8 wnkr zo i'll hlp u.

    The start wz dfc8 & it dz4 u!!!!

    If U use GHB, U will get a gr8 improvement.

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    watz u bn drinningking!!!!

    me thoutz it woz p4or.......

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    Give it up now and get a proper job...

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    I've seen worse, least you're not out stealing cars. In all fairness, I started off making stuff like this - still have it all on my hard drive and some of it's actualy not too bad haha. I'm not doing too bad at all now and I'm only 20 so keep at it and you can go far.

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