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    Ok, I think I figured out the red rubber band thing, but I can't seem to notice any changes in sound during playback. In specific, I am trying to decrease the sound of bursts of wind. Is there a better way to do this? Do I need to look into a different sound editing program? I would love to seperate different sounds, like adjusting bass and treble if possible to try to enhance certian areas, like making a man's voice in the background more easily heard. Am I dreaming an impossible dream?

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    You can change the volume levels, i cant tell you how bwcause i forgotten but the details how to are in the help section of Premier, as for enhancing BG noises i havent a clue as i am real newbie to video editing but sombody else here with the expieriance might know?

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    I think the sound controls work on all the sound, so you can't just add bass or treble to a constituent part, like a voice. Fine though if a voice is all there is. Premier 6 - which is all I have experience of, has bass and treble in it's repertoire. Open 'window' then 'show audio effects', a box opens, scroll down till you get 'EQ' click on the triangle and it opens the options. I've never actually done it, mind, so that's as far as my advice goes.

    I think the 'noise gate' option only removes the sampled noise between other sounds, ie speech, not from during it. If the wind noise is alone on the soundtrack, no simultaneous speech or something else you want to keep, just reduce the volume during the windy bits.

    Soundforge has a 'noise reduction' plug in that will remove any sampled sound from a whole clip, including during speech etc, but the plug in alone costs a bomb. I would expect it comes as standard in Vegas Video, as it's made by the same people. There are Freeware programmes that do it as well, but possibly not as well. Check Google. I use Cool Edit which is also not free. I've only done it with motor noise, but it may well work with wind as well.

    You can export the timeline from Premiere as an audio file .wav via File/export timeline/audio/settings/windows waveform to open it in the sound software, in fact the Soundforge family at least will open an avi file. Once you've worked on the soundtrack, save it, and bring it back into Premiere, put it on another audio track exactly lined up with the original, then mute or delete the original.

    If you use a Premiere tool, you have to render the work area first before you notice the result. Click Timeline/render work area.

    Any help?

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    Cool, thanks. I guess when I'm done upgrading my pc (just got a new sound card, next step is dvd/rw) I'll save up to get some software. I can try the Adobe filters for now, I didn't realize they were there lol.

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