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    Default Multiple Transitions Simultaneously

    I'm creating a series of "generic" photo slideshows. Some have 300+ pictures in them. Is there a way to apply random transitions all at the same time without having manually add each one?

    I searched the site and only found ways to add the same transition to selected items. I would like a way to have randoms...
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    you can do it using scripts VASST : Learn it FASST! sell some for Vegas 8 pro

    will not work in Vegas Movie Studio

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    Thanks for the reply. Do you know if it works with existing transitions, or just the ones that come in the plugin. Reading the description, it seems as if the only transitions it randomly inserts are the 8 that come with the plugin.

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    No idea give them a shout or ask in the Vegas forums or the Tucows forums where Vasst hang out.

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