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    I started doing videos a little while ago, but my camera isnt that great, i mean the image is good, but is small handheld, its annoying. So I saved up some money and want to know what is a good type of camera, i mean not specifics, but all around pretty good.

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    Depending on how much you have 'saved up' then that will dictate the kind of camcorder you can look at. Personally, I would suggest a Mini DV camcorder right away, something from Canon, JVC or Panasonic would do all the things you are looking for. So what is your budget and what is the format of the camcorder you already have?

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    i was thinkin somethin under like $3000 dollars, and my camcorder is a mini DV

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    If small h held cameras dont do it for you then $3000 is enough for a good s/h full size shoulder mount camera. Lots to carry but makes an impression if that suits your style of filmmaking.

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