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Thread: Help with compatible DV camcorders to play old tapes from a Canon Elura A

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    Default Help with compatible DV camcorders to play old tapes from a Canon Elura A

    My original Canon Elura A died last year due to water damage. I now have 30 old DV tapes I need to capture for DVD. The problem is the new Panasonic camcorder I got plays the tapes without audio and absolutely refuses to allow capture properly via iMovie (5 mins of video plays back in 10 seconds). My next move is to buy an older Canon Elura camcorder that would be compatible with my Elura-A just for purposes of playing and capturing the old tapes. Does anyone know which Camcorders would work? I think the issue is due to the tapes being recorded on LP speed, I have heard that can cause some problems. The funny thing is the Panasonic camcorder plays the video quite well, but just wont play the audio without pops, and dropouts. Thanks.

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    I think you are right - recordings in LP mode are often unreliable. Try a few more cameras befor buying anything.

    LP - AVOID

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