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    I am completley new to premiere and video editing in general, though I can use Falsh pretty well. So I needed some advice on how to get my project done.
    I am going to create a 3d animation of a strider, its a big robot thing that walks on 3 legs, and I want to insert the strider into real footage. The strider is basically going to act like the mosnters from War of the Worlds.
    So this is what I have/going to have:
    An avi file of the strider walking with a black background
    I think the live footage will be avi and it will have grass and whatever else is there as a background, if a greenscreen or some solid color will help I can probably find something that will work.

    If premiere can't do this I also have After Effects, both are CS3.

    So if you can direct me to tutorials on how to do this, or have some information on how to get this done I would be very happy.
    Thank you,

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    Solid color background will be good, make sure the background color does not appear in any of the graphic you want to see. If the Strider has any Black, don't use a black background, if it has any shades of Green, don't use a green background.

    You can key out the background color in either AE or Premiere Pro, just depends on if there is anything else you want to do with the footage. If all you want to do is remove the background then do it all in Premiere.

    If you decide to do this in AE you will need to export as uncompressed AVI when you are finished, creating a very large file that will possibly require rendering in Premiere Pro.
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    Ok, I'll use a solid background for the footage. I still don't get how I am supposed to key out the background, is there like a button for it?

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    There are a number of keying effects, you simply drag the effect to the clip.
    Here is something from Adobe that will help
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
    Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

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    Thank you SO much guys! You have made my project so much easier.

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