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Thread: Studio 9 SmartSounds quit playing

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    Default Studio 9 SmartSounds quit playing

    My Studio 9 Smart Sounds is no longer working.

    The songs are there, but if I select Jazz, Itís Cool, Sly, for example and click on Preview, there is no sound. Preview changes to Stop Preview for the duration but no sound.

    Type: Music, Scope: On my Computer.

    I do have sound from the movie clips. I donít know when this stopped working.
    I just completely uninstalled Pinnacle and reinstalled it from scratch and have the same problem.

    Again, this used to work fine. Sometime during the last year it just quit playing out loud - It seem to be playing mute.



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    Default Studio 9 SmartSounds Silent - The Fix

    After a SmartSound music download has completed, the preview of the file is silent.

    The cause of this problem is conflict between Apple's QuickTime player version 7 and older version of SmartSound software.

    Must use QuickTime 6.5.1 Studio 9.4 upgrade requires QuickTime 6.5.1. Simply removing QuickTime 7 doesn't fix it. Removing and Reinstalling Pinnacle 9.3 doesn' fix it.

    It is necessary to uninstall QuickTime and delete all folders associated with it. Then uninstall Pinnacle, and everything associated with it including all folders in Program Files and in Appications Data.

    Use Regcleaner to remove all Quicktime keys and all Heroglyph, and Pinnacle keys. Make sure everything is gone.

    I did a defrag twice.

    I Reinstalled Studio 8 completely. SmartSound works.

    Reinstall Studio 9.3. SmartSound doesnít work. Note: This also installs QuickTime 6.5.1.

    Install Studio 9.4 Upgrade. SmartSound works again.

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