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Thread: A few questions about DVD burning

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    Default A few questions about DVD burning

    Just got my DVD Rewriter so I can sell videos as well as DVD's and I've noticed that the finished DVD looks a little pixelated and a bit dodgy after burning. Just need to ask what the best programs for converting and burning a DVD of about 95 minutes from DV-AVI files saved through Movie Maker 2.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Does the video look pixelated on a regular TV set or only on your computer screen? TV sets have far less resolution than computer monitors and what's visible on them may not be apparent on a TV set. If the intended audience will only be viewing on a TV set, your DVD may be just fine.

    Pixelation is usually caused by having too low a bit rate setting on the MPEG-2 compressor for the quality of the source video. Since there's only 4.3G of usable space on a single surface DVD recordable, long videos need careful attention to the bit rate. Typical rates on commercial DVDs are from 3000kbps to 9600kbps. Superlong playing DVDS may use 1600kbps to 3000kbps. A relatively new feature is to allow variable bit rates, hopefully using higher bit rates only where needed in the video to achieve good quality in a smaller file size, but that requires the compressor to make really good estimations of scene complexity to do a good job.

    TMPEGnc, a stand alone MPEG-2 compressor (ttp://, has a very good reputation for producing excellent quality DVD results. I have used it for a couple of years with no problems. It is a bit slow though.

    Nero 6 Ultimate has an improved MPEG-2 encoder that seems to do as well, and is a bit faster.

    You may want to check the available settings on your Movie Maker 2 for Variable Bit Rate encoding.
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    Canopus ProCoder is seriously the bomb. Its like a Hollywood style MPEG2 encoder. It can encode anything and make it look the same as the AVI. Seriously
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    /me worships procoder too. Very slow, but it's sooo nice

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    Cheers for the replies people, I got TMPGEnc and the encoded video looks pretty good after a Variable Bit Rate encoding. Was going to get ProCoder but the 15meg demo is a bit big for my dial-up connection.

    Thanks a lot

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