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Thread: How to know the size of your video before rendering?

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    Question How to know the size of your video before rendering?

    Hello , i use sony vegas 8 and ive been having some problems about size when rendering videos , cause they are mostly for youtube and they do have a size limit and the videos lenth i upload are quite big anyway it take alot to render so i dont like having a video thats more big than the upload limit so i was wondering if its possible to know the video size before rendering it?

    Like windows movie maker that tells you how much the video will be when you are choosing the different templates that it has...

    anyways thanks for your time ill be waiting for some answers

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    I dont know of a function built into vegas to do this, so it just has to be old fashioned maths / guessing.

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    In the past I have rendered a 5 minute section and then scaled it up to the full duration to work out the approx size of the file

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    This is going to tell you the finalized rendering size, but like you, I had the same problem of adhering to Youtube’s size requirements, until I watched this video and gave the software a try.

    YouTube - Camtasia Settings for YouTube Best Results

    Worked fine and everyone’s happy.

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