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Thread: pirates of the norfolk broads 2 trailer

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    Default pirates of the norfolk broads 2 trailer

    a trailer i made, using footage from a summer boat piss up.
    basicly, 8 scousers hired a boat in norfolk, caused havoc almost got arrested.
    enjoy the tongue in cheek trailer
    love to know your thoughts on the editing and not the footage
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    I don't know if I saw the whole thing because youtube showed that there were 7mins plus but I could only view 2 mins.


    There was some nifty editing there, the end graphics were superb and it did the job, it made me want to see the film. Not my "type" of production but, like I said, as a trailer... in my opinion... it worked, and worked well.

    Turn off the music though and it's a different story!

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    hey i appreciate that, that really is all i could ask for. im a great beliver of getting the write music for the job, and once i got that right i knew how i wanted the feel of it to be.

    guru thanks, thats made my day
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    Looks good!

    How did you achieve that "burnt through" effect transition? After Effects at all? I've been looking to do something similar for quite some time but havn't had proper time to sit and think it through. Could you point me in the right direction? I presume just reshaping multiple masks but what did you do to get the nice bluey colour around the edges as it burns etc.?

    Cheers Once again - good work!

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    hi kyle, it was a background i made, and there is a plugin that has a film burn effect, its cc film burn
    hope that helps
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    I see, just googled that and it's come up with a few results which have told me what I need to know.

    Thanks man

    Edit: Just got it sorted - thanks again
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