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Thread: Canopus ADVC-55 problems

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    Default Canopus ADVC-55 problems

    Hi everyone.

    I've just bought a ADVC-55 and cant get it working.

    There is a red light on the side of the box that should be green when I play the VHS video recorder to capture, but its constantly red.

    I'm using Adobe premiere elements 3.0 to try to capture the VHS tape.

    The only thing I can think that may be causing the problem is the fact that the ADVC-55 has 3 phono inputs for video and left/right audio, but the back of my video player(sony SLV-SE820) only has a couple of scart outputs. I've bought a 'Scart to Triple Phono & S-Video Adaptor' from Maplins which is in/out switchable so I can plug this into the video and the other end into the ADVC-55. But I get nothing.

    Please help if you can!



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    I'm not familiar with the workings of the ADVC-55 but have you checked that the SCART switch is set to the 'out' rather than 'in' position. Are you using the composite video lead or the S-video lead? How are you connecting the ADVC-55 to your computer?

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    I've got the switch on the 'Scart to Phono' converter set to 'out'. The cable from the ADVC-55 to the computer is a IEEE1394 6 pin i.LINK connector that came with the unit.

    The phono lead I'm using didnt come with the unit though, but I cant see that being the problem.

    I'm thinking it might be this maplin adapter thats the problem you know...
    heres a pic of it

    Funny thing is, I turned my computer off last night, and the video player re-wound the tape back to the beginning! So it did communicate a little bit.

    I'll keep having a mess about with it. God its frustrating though.

    Thanks for replying,


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    Not used an ADVC-55, but the ADVC100 has a dip switch (I believe) to switch between analugue and digital inputs. Have you ensured you are 'telling' the unit to accept a signal from the analogue connections?

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    Hmm, the only switches on it are to go between pal/ntcs options and adjust the audio level.
    Thanks for the idea though :-/

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    Problem solved!

    I'm now using a 'SCART to Triple Phono Lead' instead of the little converter box. I've been told that those little box's are prone to not working properly and it looks like I got a faulty one. The VHS tape is being captured now as I type this. It looks a little bit flickery though and there seems to be a bit of interference at the very bottom of the screen. I'm sure it'll look fine on the telly...

    Conclusion: Dont use the little scart to phono box by Nikkai - use the scart to phone lead instead.



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    You won't see that 'interference' at the bottom of the picture as you are seeing the full size video frame, it will be hidden on a television screen. What you are seeing is called overscan, but when viewed back on a tv, let's say from a dvd you have created you are then viewing the picture in underscan.

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    Thanks Nicosony,

    You were right. There's no sign of the overscan at all. It looks great!

    God it takes a long time though doesnt it! For a 65 min tape it took 2 hours and 50 mins!
    I'm using Adobe Premiere Eliments to capture the video and then burn to DVD. I guess there's a lot of number crunching going on...


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