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    Default Editing 1920x1080

    On Pinnacle's website, it says it is REQUIRED to have an intel quad core to edit avchd in 1920 x 1080 resolution. Does anyone have experience trying to do it without the quad core?? That's pretty serious stuff, is it do-able with an e6750 core 2 duo chip? Thanks

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    In honesty, editing applications have typically under- rather than over-specced the minuimum hardware requirements. In recent times these minimum specs have increased to a more realistic level, in part due to the increased sophistication of the software. In fact some software houses have gone as far as to halt the install of software if one of the minimum specs wasn't present.

    In this case, it's possible that the software will run, but you could run into trouble with bottle necks causing freezes. Because the codec used will highly compress the video to enable the high resolution at low bitrates, the strain obn the processor will be high. To be honest I can't comment and would strongly advise you install a trial.

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    I remain unconvinced that any real world pc is able to edit hdv footage much beyond simple cutting. On the few occasions when i have edited hdv I have found that my dual core chugs. Start using things like sharpen or motion blur or any degree of image manipulation and everything becomes irritating.

    I was all set to go hdv untill i discovered this

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    I just ordered my first HD Camcorder and I use Studio - I will let you guys know the verdict. I know people who use Studio for HD, but to what extent they have done editing, I don't know. So - I shall report back.

  5. Default HD Editing in Studio - What Results

    Hi Ally
    I just came across your posting about your new HD camcorder, how are

    you getting on with it editing in Studio 11? Is it a HDD model, DV tape, or Card

    Type? The reason I ask is I am thinking of going HD, however I downloaded a

    a few 1000p clips from the Microsoft site, put them into studio 11 added a few

    transitions between the clips. The total running time was about 6mins, I could

    not believe it when I ran out of memory when I put the last transition in. A

    window opened ' saying no memory' so I restarted the computer, when it

    restarted I was given the option of continuing the' Previous Project' opened it up

    and everything was as I left it! Finished it off, burned the disc, checked it, then

    printed the face including titles. All in all about 1Hr!!

    Regards Brian

    Ps let me know how you are getting on with your new 'Cam'

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    Hi, it's a Canon HD20 and it uses tape. So far, I have only captured about 5 minutes or our beautiful snow-laden property (we have had so....much snow this year). I was able to add transitions, music and a title in Studio with no problems at all. I have a pretty powerful computer, a quad that is overclocked to 3.6 and a 512 video card. I only burned a regular DVD, but when I played it on our HD Television that we just got for Xmas, the quality of the picture was so amazing of the outdoor filming in bright light. Anything in bright light was so much superior to the mini DV. The low light was not so good, but there are settings on the camera for this and I did not use those yet.

    We are off on vacation on Sunday for a week south to the Dominican Republic so I shall be taking lots of video and then the editing when I get back will really put it all to the test.

    I was wondering - in Studio you can burn HD on a regular DVD but it only holds about 20 minutes. I think you need an HD player though - I don't "think" that an up converter can play them in that format but if anyone knows, let me know.

    My concensus is even if you dont' make HD DVDs, you will still end up with much better quality, at least with this camera.

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    Hi Mark,
    Sorry, but I disagree that 'No real world Pc ' can yet edit and add transitions and

    titles to HD Video. I admit the PC has to pretty powerful and you cannot put in menus on

    your discs, but it is still great fun and fantastic quality. Having said that I still edit, produce

    menus, burn discs including colour printing background and titles on SDvideo when needed.

    Best Regards Brian

    __________________________________________________ ____________________________

    Panasonic SD5, Sony PC 330E, Sony DCR-120( with record in to tape) Panasonic M2,

    Panasonic NV-HS1000 S-VHS Edit Recorder with TBC. HP m9065 computer, 2- 500 Gb Hard

    Drives + 1 Removable 320 Gb Media Drive, Quad 6660 Processor and using an HP 24 inch

    HDMI Monitor.

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    Don't know what all the fuss is about, and not being able to add menus to discs? Seriously?

    Haven't had any problems on an old core duo (2GHz) can handle 10 serious effects/motion tweens before it starts to drop frames, and can do anything you'd want for titles/menus etc. FCP studio for the win!

    And yes you do get a better quality SD video/dvd if you start with HD content.

    Also, a HD DVD player will play HD content burnt on a standard DVD if it has the correct codecs in it, and the disc is encoded properly.

  9. Default Menus on DVDs

    Hi Mosh
    I wasn't complaining about not being able to build menus on my HD

    Productions, I consider the quality more than makes up for it. However after

    taking a pride in building professional menus with all types of motion graphics

    and backgrounds, I just miss being able to do this when working in HD. I still

    use SD as well so I take the opportunity then to enjoy building menus.

    Best regards Brian


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