Hi all,

I shot a movie on my DV camcorder and edited it using editstudio. I want to make a SVCD for my uncles Christmas present. However every time I burn the CD and play it back on my standalone DVD player it's REALLY jerky as if the player can't stream the data fast enough.

I've read on some forums that the bitrate could be too high, but surely the SVCD burning program would'nt encode an SVCD with a bitrate that could'nt be streamed from a CD fast enough?? I did try reducing the bitrate in the burner / convertor software (Cucusoft AVI to dvd/svcd/vcd) and this made the problem a bit better but I was reducing it all the way down to 900kb/s

I have also read adjusting the framerate can cause this effect but I've tried all three settings in the burner with the same result!

Another question I have, this AVI video is only 5 minutes long, can I encode a CD-R disc as if it were a DVD disc?