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Thread: Problems With DIVX codec

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    Default Problems With DIVX codec

    Ok so I've been a member here for a while but after I finally switched to elements from movie maker I stopped coming here. But there is a problem that has been bugging mee and I want to see if anyone knows what I'm talking about. So when I upload clips or movies that are in avi format with the Divx codec one of two things will happen. Either the clip will complete go out of sync and freeze up throughout its span or more recently elements with turn the clip up side down and ill have to use the vertical flip effect to fix it but it will be wrong when i try to preview it to decide what portions of the clip I want to use.

    I'm using

    Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0

    Also does anyone have 4.0 and if so is here any advantage to upgrading. I am using vista home premium and yes i applied the upgrade to adobe to make it comaptable.

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    just want to give this one bump to see if anyone has an answer

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    You can check out these topics, maybe they will give you some answers
    muvipix Forum • View topic - HD Divx Avi files
    Adobe Forums - HD DivX Avi files

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