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Thread: WIERD audio and no audio!?!?! help

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    Default WIERD audio and no audio!?!?! help

    Ok, I recorded this wedding ceremony and I never notice that my microphone of my Mini DV was recording sound only from the right side and just a little tiny bit from the left side( I don't know if that has anything with the following) When I edited my video I made an intro with MUSIC and pictures. After my intro comes the CEREMONY( the FATHER GIVES THE SPEACH etc...) and then video ends with pictures of the wedding and MUSIC. I exported the video to a DVD and thats where the problem comes. When I play the DVD on my TV it plays only the sound of the MUSIC and after its done it doesn't play the speach of the CEREMONY at the end it does play the MUSIC. When I play it on my computer with any DVD player software it plays everything fine. Please help I have a DUE DATE on this one!


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    ok maybe I didn't make myself clear enough. My exported movie(DVD) does not play sound( partially) on the tv only on the computer. On this project I putted a song that I downloaded from the internet and plaid it with some pictures at the beginning of this movie. Then after that it fades out (the song) as my video that I capture fades in.

    On my computer the movie starts with Song and fades out as the sound of my captured video fades in.

    On my TV the movie stars with Song and fades out, but my captured video fades in with no sound.

    why? any suggestions accepted

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    Ok lets forget the fact that I have audio on the beginning of the movie. What if I didn't have audio at all, however I do have sound when I play it on Premiere Pro.
    what would you say???

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    I can only pressume that you're using audio channels that aren't available on the TV. I suggest that you export the audio, then import this into your editing application in a flat format. The export the whole thing again.

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    Well I tried it on different TVs. Something that has me thinking is the fact that audio can be heard only on the right side speaker. The audio that was recorded by my camcorder is PCM 16-bit and exported on PCM, MPGE, DOLBY DIGITAL which is the options that Premiere Pro offers me. I tried the three of them.

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