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    hey everyone,

    i am making a holiday video and having a couple problems with the quality. my camera is a sony Hard drive cam, one of the latest ones. i use adobe premier 6.5 to edit the footage. when i view the exported footage it seems to have lines or jagged edges on moving objects. i havnt burnt the dvd yet (i will be using dvd it pro) but i am hoping that it may just be my computer not viewing the video properly and not something that will show up in the final dvd.

    any help will be much appreciated!

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    1st burn to DVD-RW then no disk is wasted if there is a problem

    Sometimes the jagged lines are only on the VGA display, sometimes it is to do with the field being rendered the wrong way around, sometimes it is the rendering process if it the bit rate is set to low. ( bit of a guess that one)

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    rendered the wrong way around? can you explain this? or being set to low?

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    Let me show my ignorance - I thought jagged edges was related to interlacing. Did Premiere settings de-interlace during capture?

    Personally, I've not had this problem but a friend who does a LOT of editing was walking me through some editing issues and compared scenes with and without jagged edges along what should be straight lines and told me there was a interlacing issues involved.

    I have experimented just a little and when I import digital camcorder video with capture settings that cancel auto deinterlacing I get jagged lines.

    If this has nothing to do with your problem excuse the post.

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