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Thread: Please Please Help Me With Capturing Problems!

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    Default Please Please Help Me With Capturing Problems!

    Hi guys,

    I am in despair about capturing my VHS casettes and i hope someone can give me some help to stop me going mad!

    To cut a long story short i have a Sony DVD recorder with hard drive, its a nice model having cost me over 250. I have about 400-500 VHS tapes of motor racing i want to transfer to DVD.

    Initially i thought this was just not going to be a problem, i linked up my video player to the DVD recorder and started transfering and at first all seemed to be going fine.

    After watching the recordings i had made from the DVD recorders hard drive i was slightly concerned to see that often small glitches were apparent on the picture such as little jumps upwards like the whole picture had jumped slightly and also a sort of strange digital 'speeding up' for a fraction of a second as well - very hard to describe.

    I watched the original VHS tapes back and none of these errors were apparent on the original tapes leading me to believe that the DVD recorder was introducing these 'errors' when it captured.

    Even worse was when part of the tape was damaged. Some of my tapes have a bit of damage on them where the picture distorts for a moment because the tape has been slighty 'scrunched' or something maybe from getting a little chewed in an old video or something. This normally means the picture distorts and sometimes some 'static lines' sort of 'roll' upwards on the screen, hope you know what i mean! When played in a VHS player it distorts for a moment and then carries on playing fine.

    When the DVD recorder encounters these points when capturing however it captures the distortion but then when the tape has passed that point and gone onto tape that is fine the DVD recorder continues to glitch and splutter all over the place and ruins the next 10mins or so of video. Its like it gets to a tape glitch and gets cofused and takes 10 mins to work out what its doing again and then ruins recording that is on good okay tape after the damaged point even when the VHS player is playing okay after the damaged point the DVD recorder continues to glitch all over the place.

    Basically do i need a TBC (Time Based Corrector) would this cure this problem and provide a stable image for the DVD recorder or would it not halp for damaged portions of video tape is that too damaged for it to provide a stable image to the dvd recorder

    It seems that any tape glitches just confuse the encoding process and then ends up ruining the whole recording. Would a TBC also stop all these minor little jumps on the picture that the DVD recorder seems to be creating as well. As i said it is crating jumps on the picture even when the original source video is absolutely perfect quality.

    Sorry for the long message hope someone can help me i'm in despair with this!

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    Yes a time base corrector may be able to help with some of the problems but when it comes to the 'chewed up' parts of the tape I doubt if it will do any good. I've encountered something similar from transferring old VHS tapes to a DVD recorder but that was from tape to recordable DVD. A number of times when there were glitches on the old tapes, the DVD recorder actually stopped recording and went to finalize the disc. The DVD recorder must need a constant uninterrupted data signal in order for it to continue burning to disc or it appears to just give up. This was on a Sony mid range recorder with more connections than Al Capone.

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    thanks for the reply, thats doesnt sound too promising sounds like basically some of these old tapes will be impossible to have on DVD then without being really messed up, really annoying i have recorded them and stored them for 20 years and i cant get the result i wanted, VERY disapointing :(

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    Twenty years is a long time, I think even if you had kept them in an air tight container they would still be problematic now. The tape is an organic material and is prone to all sorts of problems, such as dust, heat, cold and magnetic fields and if there is any damp (rising or otherwise) 'things' can start to grow on them and just like the wreck of the Titanic it is slowly being eaten away.

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    yeah i guess so VHS was a pretty crappy format thing is its annoying because all my tapes from 1990-1992 are pretty heavy when you hold them they must be made out of better material as they play fine but all other pre and post 1990-1992 have issues, but would you all say that a time base corrector is worth the money and it will smooth out some issues? I was thinking of this time base corrector as it is all i can afford:

    DigiBox TBC Timebase Corrector

    will this be worth the money do you think?

    Also has anyone any ideas why though as i explained above i am getting little glitches like a small jump in the picture at times with the recording i have made on the dvd recorder when the original source tape is totally clean and perfect at that point, i just dont understand that.....

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