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    I have been trying to connect my Dads Samsung VP353 camcorder to my PC (Windows Vista Home Premium) to copy a video recording. I purchased a new Firewire 6-4 pin cable to achieve this but the Pc is just not recognizing the camcorder. After plenty of investigation I have narrowed the problem down to the Firewire port. When I check the device manager in the Control Panel there is no IEEE 1394 bus controller showing. I assume this the cause of the issue but how would I go about getting it in there - the Firewire port came with the PC (looks like a joint USB / Firewire card) located at the front of the PC, surely they would have loaded the drivers?

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Or would it be the case that the socket isn't actually connected to anything inside the computer? As you say there is no IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controller listed in the Device Manager. All is not lost though, if you have a spare PCI slot inside your computer then you can purchase a PCI Firewire card and insert it into the free PCI slot. It will give you 3 external Firewire sockets on the rear of your computer.

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