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Thread: Issue's capturing VHS-C

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    Default Issue's capturing VHS-C

    I am just a simple consumer, trying to bring in my old VHS and VHS-C tapes so I can do simple editing and then output them back to DVD

    I have one of these VHS-C to VHS Adapter's
    Best Electronic Buys - Ambico V 0730 Video cassette adapter (VHS-C to VHS)
    I am capturing in to Pinnacle Studio 11 on a PC
    I have had no problem with regular VHS tapes so far.
    I am using a standard consumer Toshiba 4-head HiFi VHS player. I had it sitting in the garage.
    I am going in to my capture card (a hauppauge thing) via composite (it's just VHS, I dont need anything nicer, eh?)

    I know my VHS-C tapes date back to 1987-1989 and they may just be too old and too deteriorated, but I thought I would ask your advice.

    The Problem:
    The video looks like crap. It's just grainy and on some it is simply lines that scroll all over with absolutely nothing you could distinguish.

    The sample (creating as DivX -fyi):

    Is there any suggestions you might have or is this video just too damn old?

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    It could well be the age of your tapes that's causing the problems. I've been doing something similar over the past two years and I've lost a number of tapes both VHS - C and Hi - 8. Either there is a mould type thingy now growing on the tapes or they are creased or they have too much dropout on them. On both types of tape you can press a little button at the side and the cover at the top can be moved up, you might be able to see if there is anything 'growing' on your tape aswell. Rewinding is also a problem, as one sharp tug on the tape is enough to pull it out of the reel and you're 'up you know where' without a paddle. You've probably tried a tape head cleaner on the VHS deck but having it sitting out in your garage for however long may be adding to the problems aswell.

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    Have you tried multiple C adapters? Could be somehow the adapter you are putting your little C tape into is not engaging right with the VCR.

    If the adapter is okay you may still salvage some or all of your video trying the following.

    Take your VHS-C tapes to a professional video transfer and processing company. Have them play your tapes in professional quality vhs machines. They may have players made in the 80s. Professional tape machines can sometimes do a better job of reading old magnetic tapes and not as likely to have read heads clog - they have wider gap heads and rollers and etc.

    I personally thought many of my old 80s Betamax tapes were deteriorated beyond use and I was using a top of the line Sony consumer Beta machine for playback to my PC capture card. I went to EBay and bought a professional model Beta recorder/player with better heads and electronics and I was able to "digitize" and save about 80 hours of precious family home movies.

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    Seems as thought the machine is not getting any Sync pulses if there are lines all over the place. May be the tape is not aligning correctly in the machine, open the tape case flap and check the tape is not damaged as that can also be a problem

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