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    I am making a short in widescreen and i assume the credits should be in widescreen as well. I am using a jpeg image at 720x576 pixels for my credits made in photoshop and the importing that into vegas as i havent figured out how to do them in vegas yet.

    Could anyone tell me how to make the credits appear widescreen also?

    Thank you

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    Forget 720 x 576 for a start. You're (almost certainly) working in square pixels in Photoshop and rectangular pixels in DV. And those rectangles are different rectangles depending on whether you're widescreen or 4:3 (Think about it - bot 4:3 and 16:9 DV PAL use 720 x 576). There's loads of stuff discussing this on the net, most of which goes woosh over my head, but the important thing is YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW IT.

    The other important thing to know is that Vegas sorts it all out for you. It assumes your stills were square pixels and converts for you.

    Create your graphics with the correct IMAGE ASPECT RATIO you are trying to achieve and let Vegas do the maths.

    In other words create a 16 x 9 image for your widescreen masterpiece - 1024 x 576 or a multiple thereof (which is 16 x 9) will sort of work - it misses a bit either side, can't remember exactly why, but in all practical terms it's way outside the safe area so no matter if going to TV. What I tend to do is stretch it a bit if I need it to fill the screen - either within Vegas or creating an image. 1050 x 576 seems about right

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    Thanks Tim,

    Sorted. I looked in the manual but it wasnt very clear on this issue.


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