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    Hi all,

    Just joined so go easy on me!!

    Anyway i hope i got this in the right here goes....I go a digital Panasonic camera thats only got DV out on it, so what would be the best way to get my work onto VHS?

    Second question, what would be the best softwear to get for a bigginer that i can use on my PC? I wanna add stufff like music to my work.

    OH and i got a Panasonic NV-GS11EB camera.

    All help much appricated

    Many thanks

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    Two options really:

    1) if the graphics card has video out, then you can hook up your PC to VCR by s-video and record from that. All you have to do it output the signal to the VCR as the primary display and play the video.

    2) burn your video to disc, then play this on your standalone hooked up to your VCR.
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    Sorry i've taken so long with a reply.

    I should have said i've got a laptop and it hasnt got any out puts on it.

    How exactly do i do burn the video to disc, then play this on your standalone hooked up to your VCR?

    I take it it means i need a CD burner capable of copying in DVD format?

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    no, u can have have a plain-jane cd burner(no dvd support) and make VCD's...These are basically just regular cds that act like small dvd's...
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    Ah i see, im bidding for one onebay so i'll have too see what happens.

    So how do i get it off the burner and onto vhs? I dont need any special outputs on the back of the burner do i?

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    Burn onto a VCD, take the CD out of the drive, place it on a standalone DVD player, connect the DVD player to a VCR, press play on the DVD player, press record on the VCR
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    Ah as if you were copying a DVD....Thank you all.

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    Just caught sight of this. If anyone else finds themselves with a DV camera that only supports DV out, and you want DVI in also so that you can record back to tape, note that there are hacks available (for sure for the Panasonic - I installed one) that changes the firmware to DV in AND out. I guess in these DVD writing days, this facility is much less useful - but when I started editing DV, about the only thing you could output your project to was tape... (Note that DV in is excluded from many low end DV cameras because EU customs/duty rules count a DV in camera as a VCR, thus attracting a higher level of customs duty - or something. Manufacturers trying to hit the lowest price point thus 'disable' DV in). Cheers, Ian.
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