Hi all. I have a VHS-C cassette. I use an adapter to play it in a standard VHS player. Now here is the problem. I use the scart on the video player. It shows perfectly on the TV. In fact any TV works ok. As soon as I use the signal to either output to my camcorder input (scart to composite jack) or any combination (scart to S-video/Composite/scart) on a DVD standalone recorder, I get some of the top part of the video appearing on the bottom. I have used another video player and still have the same problem. I don't have a PC capture card at present. I just want to digitise it for keepsake. Help please. I have played a standard VHS and digitised it ok on the camcorder using the same cables. For some reason the VHS-C is not ok only on the TV using the same setup. I have checked the VHS-C adapter and the tape is in direct contact with the VHS heads as is with a standard VHS tape cassette, there are no electronics involved with the signal at all inside the adapter.