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Thread: Best/Cheap Way to Capture VHS ?

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    Default Best/Cheap Way to Capture VHS ?

    Hi All!

    Have about 10 VHS tapes that I would like to get onto DVD. The only thing I need is the hardware, basically, to capture to the computer in avi format. Since I only have about 10 tapes, at most, I don't want to spend more than $50. What are the experiences out there for best value/quality?

    I see that I can get the Hauppage WinTV USB for $30 after rebates this week, but it appears it only has mono audio. That's not a big concern if it does justice on the video quality. Any experience with this? Does it come with capture software? Do I even need capture software if I already have software to capture from my digital camera?


    PS. I've burned a few DVD's already from my digital camcorder so I have the rest of the process fairly down. ;o)

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    I'd say your first step would to see what price you'd get for it to be done professionally - this is often the cheapest option when you factor in the price of your time and (and your hair as you pull it out). If you fancy a hobby, invest in the appropriate hardware - but the best results will come at the price of a dedicated analogue to digital hardware convertor, typically around the $100 mark.

    You can get reasonable results through the AV inputs of graphics cards or TV cards, but before you part with your cash, do a google search for professional conversion .

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    I recently purchased a Plextor ConvertX model # PX-M402U after reading great reviews. It does a great job with analog-to-digatal conversion. At $136 its over your budget but I think you'll find you get what you pay for.
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    Default Best way to capture VHS

    I have purchased Dazzle fusion which does the job for me. I also only have a few tapes to do, then on completion resell the Fusion on E bay. If you search for Dazzle fusion there is always a few for sale. this way it wont cost that much.

    Just a suggestion (even though its over 3 weeks late!!

    Good luck

    reg G
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    It depends on what you want to do with the analog video. If all you want to do it is put it on DVD and not do any editing then go with a service.

    However, if you want to edit then go with an inexpensive external analog to digital converter such as a DAC-100. I personally use a ADVC-100 but it costs around $200. If you go the capture card route then make sure it does the conversion on board. Even with the faster PCs dropped frames are usually an issue if you use the PCs CPU to do the conversion.

    For what it is worth I chose to add a menu and chapter points to my home VHS movies because it makes it much more usable and enjoyable to watch. Just pop the disk in, look at the chapter thumbnails and pick what you want to watch. No fast forwarding and hunting around for what you want to see.

    Happy converting!


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