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Thread: sound editing plug in's

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    Default sound editing plug in's

    is there a plug in for sony vegas that increases audio editing capability? I'd like to raise the threshold to clip out ambient sounds and increase the volume. Doing bird calls at long distances, I find ambient sounds a real bother, and vegas offers little amplification of the audio tract.

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    This editor is often cited having a very capable and felxible sound manipulation tools. TBH I ma not certain what plug ins vegas comes with as I have plug ins from a variety of sources, however I think that the tools needed are std in vegas pro8.

    You can use the noise gate to remove unwanted b ground sounds below a certain threshold, do you see that plug in?

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    Default vegas 7 sound editing

    The only sound tool i've found is the sliding volume control. If there's another i haven't found it yet. Probably what I need is a "Vegas for dummies" book. Actually that's what I was looking for when I stumbled across this website

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    if you dont have it you wanty Soundforge which is also by Sony and works in conjunction with Vegas. An awesome piece of software if you ask me. It will easily do what you require.


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    Default audio editing

    thanks for hte advice, I'll check it out.

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