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    I'm using a Canon Mini DV ZR60 to edit a film in a very short time period.

    I am using Windows Movie Maker (Currently the BANE of my existance) and I attempted to make a movie and then transfered it to a file type (NTSP? I believe) and the quality of the film decreased tremendeously. So I have decided to recapture in .avi format and then transfer it back to the miniDV.

    Do I need to recapture everything in .avi or is there an easier way to do this? Ie: Can I take the stuff I captured in NTSC and then convert it to ?? then transfer to the DV again?

    Apologies if this is mumbo jumbo, I just don't want to do the gross amounts of work I've already done although that's what I Think i need to do...

    Thanks Kate

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    Firstly, a .avi is a video file and NTSC is a television standard used in North America and elsewhere. If you have already captured the video in .avi format (I presume), then you do not need to recapture it. I take it you are in North America so just make sure you are using NTSC, the software is probably set to it already. Connect your camcorder to the computer, make sure your camcorder can import video, as in that it has a DV IN function otherwise you'll have to think about downloading a complete video editor such as Adobe Premiere Elements 4, which lets you burn DVD's aswell as capture and edit. You can download 30 day trials of all the editors listed on the forum, just go onto their respective websites, find the download section and follow the onscreen instructions.

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